Laura Garrison

Science + Medical Visualization

Beautiful and accurate visualizations for science and medicine.

What I Do

I translate scientific and medical information into clear and effective visuals for patients, physicians, students, and scientists. My goal is to increase scientific and medical literacy through the creation of engaging and intuitive graphics ranging from simple illustrations to complex spatial visualizations.


Who I Am

I'm Laura. I believe that science and medicine doesn't have to be complicated and scary; it should educational, clear, and fun.

I am currently a PhD candidate in medical visualization at the University of Bergen in Norway. My research interests are in the development of new visual encodings and interaction techniques for complex, heterogenous medical data. My current work is focused on visualization of MR spectroscopy data.

I am a Board-Certified Medical Illustrator, holding a MS in Biomedical Visualization from University of Illinois at Chicago and a BA in Anatomy and Physiology from Northern Michigan University.


Selected Work

Feel free to look around and contact me with questions or comments.


I'd love to hear from you! Please email me at with any questions, commments, project inquiries, or collaborative requests.